Aerial photography of Sonoma Winery

by pargastd6 on May 4, 2016

this aerial images was taken during an extensive photoshoot spanning throughout the year 2015 and shows ram’s gate, the first sonoma valley winery, from the air.  the building rest upon a knoll with sweeping views on the caneros region surrounded by the vineyard.  from a photographer standpoint is was very important to show this relationship, and given its topography aerial images was a great way to capture it.

ram's gate, the first sonoma valley winery, form the air



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Zuckerberg SF General First Look

by pargastd6 on March 31, 2016

Photographing a hospital on crutches and a walking cane seems only fitting – no?  Only a month or so remains until the newest addition to the 1915 red brick complex will open.  Named after its patron with a $75 mio contribution the Zuckerberg SFGH and Trauma Center is an elliptical shaped building at the intersection of the historical brick and concrete structures of the 70s with a nod to both.



Patrik Argast Photography Project 3/2016 for CS Group and Fong&Chan Architects

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innovative design

by pargastd6 on March 26, 2016

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Travel Log Photography

by pargastd6 on March 5, 2016


This one just surfaced form last summers travel/hospitality/lifestyle photography assignment in Washington State for Skamania Lodge.  It’s the crack of dawn getting up and scouting type of assignment we photographers love and make us notorious unpopular with accompanying family members …  I love it.

Table Mountain towering over Skamania Lodge


Info about this from Wikipedia:

Table Mountain is a peak rising on the north side of the Columbia River in Washington state, about 4 miles (6.4 km) north-northwest of Bonneville Dam. It is one of the most spectacular landmarks of the Columbia River Gorge. Its southeast face drops 2,400 feet (730 m) in less than one horizontal mile (1.6 km.), and is topped by an almost vertical 800-foot (240 m) cliff.[3] Table Mountain is joined by the similar Greenleaf Peak to the northeast, and also by Hamilton Mountain to the southwest, which is lower, (2,438 ft or 743 m), but similarly steep and much closer to the Columbia. Together these peaks form an impressive group on the Washington side of the Gorge.

Sometime between 1060 and 1760 AD the south side of Table Mountain sheared off and dammed the Columbia River in an event known as the Bonneville Slide.[4] The river soon carved a new bend around to the south, but for a while Native Americans living in the area could walk across. This led to the legend known as the Bridge of the Gods.[5]

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shot on iphone 6s

by pargastd6 on February 10, 2016

well yes, i know, photography on the iphone always results in great images.  but it does help being at the right time at the right place.  winter in california is magical – everything turns green and the low arc of the sun allows for great backlit scenes without having to get up of the usual ungodly hours photographers venture out into the world.  go out and enjoy the sun and the great outdoors with some fun iphone images – even if they end up super saturated and a bit kitchig.  rain is coming – winter calls for it!



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black tick a fog

by pargastd6 on February 9, 2016

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top of switchback mountain

by pargastd6 on April 9, 2015


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The Fabulous World Of Michael Boyd

by pargastd6 on December 19, 2013

On display at Hedge Gallery in San Francisco through February is a unique exhibit of recent work by Michael Boyd.  Interestingly enough it’s in the exact location where Michael had a music studio in the nineties – so it’s sort of a home coming for him.  The exhibit encompasses a comprehensive selection form Michaels own collection of vintage furniture, instruments, posters and art that frame his new works of furniture pieces and show the context of inspiration, influences and kinship.  Very cool!

hedge_20131212_0303-Edit-Edithedge_20131212_0411-Edithedge_20131212_0454-Edit hedge_20131212_0659-Edit-Edit

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The new Exploratorium in San Francisco is taking shape

by pargastd6 on February 26, 2013

Piers 15/17 received a facelift over the past two years.  Now with construction almost complete it is less than a month and a half away until the new site of the beloved hand-on science museum will open its doors along the Embarcadero – smack between the ferry building and Pier 39.  Patrik Argast Photography was commissioned to document construction as well as the finished exteriors of the new venue for GLS Architecture.  Here are some images from this month with almost finished construction…

gls_2013-01-08_459 gls_2013-01-15_19 gls_2013-01-08_289 gls_2013-01-08_432gls_2013-01-08_357

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by pargastd6 on February 10, 2013

So we are not talking about any space-time distortions – at least I don’t think so.  Singularity is the title of the show currently on display at Hedge Gallery in San Francisco by NY based artist Christopher Kurtz as well as the the title of the lead piece.  The objects in the show are quite beautiful and really come to life after dark – so go there late before we spring forward in time.



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Pacific NW photography workshops

by pargastd6 July 6, 2012 Travel

check it out at    

Skamania and the Courious Gorge

by pargastd6 July 6, 2012 Architecture

And here are a few of my favorite things from a recent photography assignment at the wonderful Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA find more hospitality photography at