Flection at Hegde Gallery

by pargastd6 July 6, 2012 Product Photography

    Yet another interesting show at Hedge Gallery in San Francisco’s historic Jackson Sq district.  One of my favorites is a mirrored obelisk by Arik Levi – at over 500lbs and countless surfaces an almost impossible piece to shoot for product information material-  but one that really comes to live in this environment …. […]

Importance of being Raw

by pargastd6 May 10, 2012 Workshops

On Monday I headed down to Monterey to do a food and lifestyle shoot for one of my hotel clients, thinking I could do some additional images to promote my upcoming photography workshop there in October.  After checking in to the hotel I headed down the coast to Big Sur and beyond to find that […]

Marin Automobile Dealerships

by pargastd6 January 13, 2012 Architecture

One of the great thing about this crazy, mild, dry winter weather we have been having here in Northern California is that I could do some great evening shots in a t-shirt and be home in time for dinner!  

Made Of Straw And Steel

by pargastd6 December 15, 2011 Architecture

The Hedge Gallery booth at this years SF20/21 was made of straw bales and steel elements that provided shelves, niches and window openings to display artwork.   The whole booth went up pretty quickly and came down in about 2h.  The straw bales went back to the farms where they were put to good use […]

Hedge Gallery Reopens

by pargastd6 December 14, 2011 Architecture

Last week Hedge Gallery reopened in their new space at the corner of Pacific and Montgomery (the old Kartell space).  Coinciding with the grand opening was a new installation by italian/japanese glas artist Ritsue Mishima “All That Is Solid”.  The new location is very different from the old gallery on Gold Street – very open, […]

lesson from the workshop

by pargastd6 October 31, 2011 Workshops

    last weekend was last 2011 wine county adventure workskop – and it was adventurous…  whilst working on some roadside attractions the questions about panning came up and i took the opportunity on illustrating the concept on some cars whisking by.  everything was all good until the driver in a black bmw with dark […]

SF 20/21

by pargastd6 October 3, 2011 Product Photography

Last month saw the third installment of SF 20/21, a modernism/art show that draws a small but sophisticated following to Fort Mason in mid September .  Of course I was delighted to see my image of a chair by Joseph-Andre Motte chosen for the catalogue cover and a besides photographing another great installation by Hedge Gallery […]

Elevated Imagery

by pargastd6 September 8, 2011 photographers

Recently I came across some images from a japanese photographer that intrigued me and have been on my mind ever since – warranting in my opinion a blog post.  The photographers name is  Natsumi Hayashi and her images can be found at http://yowayowacamera.com/.  She does self portraits while jumping in the air timing the camera […]

Aurora Sierra Nevada

by pargastd6 August 15, 2011 on the way

I love photography.  I love that it allows me to discover and find things.  I love that it challenges me to make an image that works.  I love the emotions photographs evoke in me.  I love the balance of art and science. This past weekend we spent a few days in the High Sierras near […]

Italian Design…

by pargastd6 July 21, 2011 Architecture

… is beautiful, simple, elegant, timeless – a classic.  The clean lines, high end material and finishes ensure people want to spend time in the kitchens of Arclinea, not only to cook but also to entertain.

Hot As Hell

by pargastd6 July 19, 2011 on the way

Last month I had the pleasure of spending a couple days at an alloy manufacturing plant on the Ohio River.  I am dead serious!  Patrik Argast Photography was commissioned to photograph the heavy industry of the Mid Ohio Valley.   I think it was always something I wanted to witness – the sheer power and heat of […]

Alameda surprise

by pargastd6 May 23, 2011 Travel

Architecture photography pure and raw in this retired Naval Base. I have been coming to the Alameda Naval Air station for years but it is always nice to see that you can always find new stuff  – like these statues flanking a boarded up building….